Why Realtors Use Jeff

Why Realtors Use Jeff?Jeff strives to establish mutually beneficial relationships with Realtors.  His goal is to not just ensure all of your clients loans close smoothly but to work as a team to build each other’s business. Click here for Realtor Testimonials

  • Referrals to increase your business is our top priority.
  • We meet our contract dates.
  • Less Appraisal Issues.  We don’t outsource to National firms unless in remote areas, we pay our Appraisers $750 per file, require 5 business days turn time, and only allow them to work markets they are experienced in.
  • Experienced.  I have been in the industry since 2002 and know how to get things done.
  • Smoother Transactions. 24 Hour Underwriting, Communication, and No Surprises.
  • More than one source of funding in house and the ability to broker unusual files.
  • Team approach.  We will work together as a team during all aspects of the transaction and cross sell our services before, during, and after the transaction has closed.
  • Satisfied Clients.  We have systems in place to ensure your clients are satisfied.
  • Prospect Campaign to ensure none of your valuable leads ever slip through the cracks.

Our after close campaign

  • After Close Thank You
  • Client Surveys
  • Birthday Cards
  • Quarterly Phone Calls
  • Annual Mortgage Review- We provide this service to our client’s friends and family which in turn will find you referrals.  Of course the more prospects you refer for this service the more referrals this will generate for you.
  • We survey our clients to meet new referral partners such as Insurance Agents, CPA’s, and Financial Planners who we then work with to find you referrals.
  • Mailers every 60 days
  • Monthly E-Newsletters
  • Full Email Campaign with dozens of touches per year

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