Realtor Testimonials

Geoff Hill – Keller Williams Realty, Seattle
“As a real estate broker with over 18 years in the industry, my perspective on mortgage brokers is different than that of most consumers. I first started working with Jeff in 2010 and have sent him hundreds of clients since then. Of all the home loan professionals I’ve worked with over the years, Jeff is hands-down the best. His pre-approvals are rock-solid. He has never once failed to close a loan for a client of mine who he pre-approved. Not only that, but he’s always closed the loan on-time, even on rushed transactions. He always responds to my clients’ emails and phone calls promptly, even at night and on weekends. And he does a fantastic job of educating my clients about the mortgage side of the home-buying process. His rates are consistently competitive and his fees are low. It sounds ridiculous to say, but as far as home loans go, Jeff’s track record with my clients has been 100% perfect. “

Dominic Parker – Pinnacle Realty NW, Kirkland
“I have worked with Jeff since 2005 on dozens of transactions, including one of my own. In each of these transactions Jeff has always been able to get the loan done, offer consistently better service then his competition and close in a timely manner. After getting to know Jeff both professionally and personally the highest compliment that I can give is that, like me, Jeff excels at thoroughly educating his clients and provides a detailed level of follow through service after the transaction by acting as a resource for all questions that might arise. Also, I should note that Jeff is always available and never too busy for a call, always making the time no matter what the situation to sit down and talk.”
Sherry Sahlstrom – RE/MAX Eastside Brokers, Bellevue
Jeff Johnson with MegaStar Financial has been a cornerstone for my business. Jeff is knowledgeable, experienced and responds quickly to my many questions. As a Realtor, I need a reliable lender to guide me through the intricacies and constant changes in the lending business. Jeff has the answers and is willing to work patiently with me and my clients to make the home buying process easier. Unlike some lenders I have worked with, Jeff pays attention to the details and has a talent for smoothing out the wrinkles in a home purchase. I can rely on Jeff to anticipate and advise me of any loan issues so I can do the best job possible for my clients. I am honored to recommend Jeff to my friends, clients and co-workers. I know they are in good hands. Thank you Jeff!
Laura Lee Pic
Laura Lee – Cooper Jacobs Real Estate, Mukilteo
“Jeff is very knowledgeable and someone you can trust when it comes to your mortgage financing. He is an excellent choice for first time home buyers (and move up buyers too) because he is an expert at guiding home buyers through the finance process from start to finish. Jeff finds the right loan programs for everyone’s needs. As a Realtor, it is important that the lender I recommend to my clients encompasses those traits mentioned but also with professionalism.”  
Rod Clure Picture
Rod Clure – Agency One Real Estate, Bellevue
“In 30 years now of representing buyers in the purchase of their homes, I have never come across a more thorough, professional, & complete mortgage officer as Mr. Jeff Johnson.  He’s an expert problem solver & can flat out get loans approved faster and more efficiently than anyone I’ve ever worked with.”