Purchase Rescue Program Fine Print

The fine print on the Purchase Rescue Program

•    Not all transactions can be saved.  We have access to multiple sources but some transactions are beyond repair.

•    Complex transactions may require additional paperwork or request for exceptions and may delay the loan approval.

•    We will need to order a new appraisal unless it is a FHA loan.  We will order a rush on the appraisal for a quick turn time.

•    We obey all applicable State and Federal laws which have certain minimum time periods before we can close.

•    Buyer’s Agent agrees to help motivate the buyer to deliver all documentation we request in a timely manner.

•    Buyer’s Agent agrees to help us work with current lender if we need items from them.

•    The Agent who selected the Escrow agrees to call in a favor to ensure Escrow is able to move quickly.

•    Both Agents’ agree to not abuse the Purchase Rescue Program.  We designed this program as a value added service to our Current Partners and to attract New Agents to partner with us.  We will not work with Agents that only send their Rush files to us.

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