Megastar Financial Corporation

Main Number: (425) 998-6173


14205 SE 36th Street Ste 100 #14335
Bellevue, WA 98006

Why MegaStar Financial?

MegaStar is a mortgage banker and a mortgage broker. MegaStar is licensed to do business in 22 states. MegaStar’s pricing engine allows us to shop with several of the top banks. Our loans are processed, underwritten and funded using MegaStar's systems. MegaStar has its own funding line, which means the money for your home is there at closing. MegaStar is a direct Fannie Mae lender and because we can retain our servicing we can determine our policies and guidelines.

Megastar does have relationships with several outside sources to broker unique loans to but we only broker on a limited basis to ensure the highest level of service to our clients.

Anita Padilla, at the forefront of MegaStar's success, started the company in 1999. As the founder and owner, Anita has worked in the mortgage industry for almost thirty years. She had a vision for the industry and put this vision into action with MegaStar's service standards. Her idea was simple, to improve customer service in regards to the real estate transaction. She did this through two tactics: creating a corporate culture of accountability, and building technology that could move data efficiently throughout the entire transaction.
MegaStar prides itself on consumer education and consumer privacy.