Why Jeff

Jeff is a licensed Mortgage Planner | Branch Manager NMLS-102315 and has been in the industry as a full time professional since 2002.  He has passed testing with both the State of Washington and at the Federal level, and he has taken the Washington Real Estate Agent Class to further his understanding of purchase transactions.


What sets Jeff Apart?
  • Highest level of service in the industry
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  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Accurate Pre-Approvals
  • Mortgage Planning & Management
  • Megastar’s Systems & Relationships with top lending sources
  • Industry Veteran since 2002
  • Accurate and Guaranteed Loan Estimates
  • We Always Meet Purchase Contract Dates
  • Team Approach with his Professional Partners
Knowledge of the Bond Markets.

Mortgage Loans are turned in Mortgage Bonds and the ability to track this market with real time live data and alerts allows Jeff to help his clients make an informed rate lock decision.  His real time systems provide him with rate forecasts every morning as well as alerts when the market is moving enough to trigger lenders to change their rates intraday.  Unlike Jeff, most lenders don’t understand or have access to the Mortgage Bond market.

Jeff is a lifelong resident of the Eastside and has lived in Bellevue, Redmond, and currently resides in Newcastle with his wife Melissa, 4 year old daughter Rella, and 2 year old son Camden.   Melissa graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Construction Management and is currently Jeff's assistant at Megastar.


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